Artist - Musician

Brooklyn NY

last night….

i was on a boat with my dad and coop. i was laying on my back with my right leg crossed. hands behind my head. we were going 15 miles out for some off shore fishing. as i saw the coast drift away i realized i saw some kind of oval/rectangular object in the sky real small at first. i noticed it was coming straight down. as it got closer i noticed the bottom was made out of a solar pannel exterior with lights all around it. i called out to the other guys. the thing dove straight into the water like a dolphin, head first. then it came shooting out again right next to the boat. then it began to hover over me.
i was still laying down with my legs crossed and my arms behind my head, calling out to the guys, only i couldn’t move. my body was paralized. a bunch of gears started to spin and an opening started to apear. as the sounds of these gears were turning i finally realized what was happening. as the door was opening a plane with 2 giant canon guns came in out of no where and started making a noise that sounded like speaking combined with high pitched frequencies. as the other plane began to come into focus, the ufo started to fly up, and in the process transformed into a helicopter and flew away….i woke up in a cold sweat scared for what i just saw, only to realize it was only a dream.